About Us

Vanity Oils is a Nigerian based company focused on the supply of 100% pure natural oils for hair and skin.

It is owned and run by Ekua Sagoe and Tomi Giwa, best friends with a shared vision of providing and enlightening the public on this safe addition to their beauty regimen.

In 2011, we were both determined to get healthier hair and skin. All our research led us to pure oils derived from plants. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this made us aware of a gap in the market. Majority of these oils weren’t available. The business idea sprang up and Vanity Oils was formed. We launched in December 2011.

Natural oils have a wide range of benefits which should not be overlooked. In addition to this, these oils are organic and contain no harmful chemicals or preservatives. We are focused on providing the best quality of oils to our customers.

For the skin, oils can help with wrinkles, acne, stretch marks, scars, dry or oily skin, eczema, improving complexion, preventing environmental damage and many others.

The benefits for the hair are just as numerous including strengthening, conditioning, moisturizing, preventing split ends and breakage, promoting growth, eliminating dandruff and preventing dry scalp.

We currently stock over 20 oils (both carrier and essential), butters, our special therapy mixes and various accessories.

Our product list consists of

·      Carrier Oils
1.       Almond (Sweet) oil
2.       Aloe Vera oil
3.       Avocado oil
4.       Castor oil
5.       Coconut oil
6.       Grape seed oil
7.       Jojoba oil
8.       Extra virgin olive oil
9.       Sunflower oil
10.   Wheat germ oil

·      Essential Oils
1.       Cedar wood oil
2.       Cinnamon oil
3.       Clary sage oil
4.       Eucalyptus oil
5.       Lavender oil
6.       Lemon oil
7.       Lemon grass oil
8.       Peppermint oil
9.       Rosemary oil
10.   Tea tree oil

· ·      Special Oils
11.   Argan Oil
  2. Vitamin E Oil

·      Butters
1. Shea Butter

·      Mixes
1. Hair Therapy
2. Skin Therapy
3. Skin Toning Therapy
4. Massage Therapy

·      Accessories
1. Spray Bottles
2. Applicator Bottles

Recently, we introduced Love Therapy. This is a gift box suitable for birthdays, bridal showers, etc. It includes a combination of any products of your choice and a hand towel wrapped beautifully.
We can be contacted by
 Phone- 07030306302, 07034250239
Email- info@vanityoils.com   Website- www.vanityoils.com   Twitter- @VanityOils